Thursday, January 3, 2008

Living the Cross Centered Life

"It's a fallen world, and there fore we will all suffer. So we must prepare, because the ideal time to be educated about suffering is never in the midst of it. We need to be trained prior to suffering so that we may be fully sustained in suffering.
C.J. Mahaney, Living the Cross Centered Life


Brown Eyed Girl said...

I agree that this is a very good idea, but could you posts some insight as to how we can prepare?

InHim said...

Good question.

I would say first of all - spiritual disciplines like Bible reading and study, prayer, memorizing Scripture etc.

Reading books about suffering has been very helpful for me.

Having an action plan can be a good idea, especially for those who get suicidal. This can be a list of Scripture, things you've learned in the past, mottos (sp?), calling or speaking to a friend or spouse etc.

If I have more thoughts later I'll post them. I'm having awful computer troubles right now.

Any other ideas would be great.