Sunday, October 4, 2009

Anti-Depressants Can Be Gift From God

With all the talk of how much anti-depressants are over-prescribed, I would imagine that a lot of Christians who are taking them may feel some guilt. Read what John Piper has to say:
What's Your Take on Christians Using Antidepressants?


Divine_Contemplative said...

There often is a guilt factor in taking meds. As for me, I know that my medicine helps me immensely. Some days I can go without it (almost never willingly done) but I am emotionally fragile and my good mood can be destroyed by the slightest of things.

It just feels so strange to have a disorder of the mind. Somewhere deep within me I feel almost violated that of all the weaknesses to have, it's one on the inside that affects my choices and thoughts, the most inner and precious things I claim ownership of.

The bottom line is, though, humans have inherent dignity and no medical condition, be it depression, leprosy, or Alzheimer's, can change the level of care and respect we deserve, for we are in God's image.

Life sometimes is pretty raw and messy, but those of us who have depression/bipolar can't simply look away and ignore that facet of life.

Step one is for us to realize that our infirmities don't take God's image away from us. Step two is for others to acknowledge it.

InHim said...

Thank you for the comment. This stuff is so difficult and I can understand everything you said. That's a good thought that it doesn't take away God's image in us. We are united with Christ and made more like Him everyday, sometimes moreso than if I were healthy.