Thursday, October 11, 2007

Praying the Psalms

There are seemingly happy people all around us. Many aren't letting on what's going on inside. We can feel like most of the people around us are living charmed lives, especially in the church. The praise choruses sung at many churches and gatherings are always upbeat in tone and almost never express doubt, pain or suffering.

Starting next month, I'm going to read one Psalm a day as a prayer. There is a much better balance of life and expression in these poems/songs. I'll try to report back.


djchuang said...

thank you for pouring out your heart about this, how you're holding onto Christ for hope, strength, and grace, while acknowledging the thorn in the flesh

InHim said...

Thank you for commenting. Sometimes I wonder if anyone is reading. I thought it was about time I wrote something of my own.

To anyone else reading-I'm wondering if it would be good to read the Psalms in the KJV. I'm not used to reading it, but have read that the translation of the poetry is unparalleled. I suppose I can try it out and see. My usual is NRSV and formerly NIV.

InHim said...

I did a test reading of a Psalm last night during a bout of insomnia in KJV, TNIV and then my usual NRSV. I simply missed some of what was said when reading the KJV. That may be partly because I'm not used to it. For this application I liked TNIV the best so that's what I'll use.